How to work together

Hello. If we haven't met yet, I am Dathan Guiley.  With a 2 and 1/2 decades of experience in software development, leadership and growth I am a strategic advisor and consultant for leaders who are seeking to gain clarity about their strategy and develop new initiatives.  Wilde Agency also brings project teams for turnkey software development.

Wilde Agency works with a handful of clients every year and typically works with clients for extended periods. We think of clients like partners and typically don’t wear just one hat.  We get hired to care about your business.

Engagements typically fall into four types:

Technology Leadership as-a-Service

Many organizations struggle to execute technology projects where there is a high degree of complexity combined with types of work that the organization has not done before.  Having a leader with deep experience on hand is essential when decisions make the difference of success and the company's future.

Leadership as-a-Service is useful because I’m often available to lead projects on short notice and can shape the strategy, work rapidly to define the roadmap and then over time work to build a robust sustainable team within the organization to own the work.

Technology Strategy

For projects that need a plan, or a specific outcome, we establish a limited engagement.

!& Sessions

For projects that are failing or running out of time, we do a rapid assessment and work with clients to get them an optimal outcome for the situation.   The problems may be architectural,  technology selection problems, talent problems, team dynamic problems, etc.  The core focus is unblocking the project and team members.

Software Development

For organizations with development needs, we plan and build teams.


I’ve worked across a variety of industries over decades but have a deep expertise in the SaaS, e-commerce, ad technology, media, and startup technology needs in general.

How to work together

Building a trusted working relationship starts with getting to know each other. Feel free to grab time to chat informally on my Calendly link:

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Engagements often start with a short, small group workshop where we can create clarity around both the problem and solution in a short space of time. These workshops often springboard into larger ongoing retainers and embedded leadership engagements.